JARS Media Group Services

Filmmakers understand the difficulty in getting a film produced. A unique idea and strong script is a needed initially, but just as with everything else; Money Talks! A professional, well-formulated business plan will articulate the necessary elements to raise the appropriate funds. We customize our business plans to best fit your project needs and include all pertinent documents about film financing in a language that Investors will understand. Our extensive research, graphs, charts, and market analysis will guide your investors to understand the dollar flow from production of your film to revenue.

JARS Financing

Jars Media Group works closely on each project to ensure the highest quality product is delivered to market. Often, JMG sources the entire budget for the film when it is appointed as a Producer. JARS has a network of enduring relationships with well-respected financiers who are able to provide funding in addition to a large network within the entertainment industry. If you need financing for your project let Jars Media Group point you in the right direction. If you are an investor looking to throw your hat in the ring, Jars Media Group will deliver the right project to meet all of your ambitions.

JARS Project Package

Includes Production and Financial Overview. Project Overview: Mission Statement, Story, Proposal, Terms, Industry & Market. Financial Overview: Investment Summary, Return on Investment, Distribution, Investor Dollar Flow, Tracking Film Revenue, Risk Statement, Rebates and tax incentives. Includes pertinent financial information accompanied with necessary legalese as well as graphs, charts, and diagrams to further illustrate key financial points.